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Fujita Piston Valves Turkey Sole Agency.

FUJITA (manufacturer), founded in 1927 in Japan  is the pioneer in the sector who first achieved to obtain the patents for 3way and 4way piston valves, diaphram control valves and steam regulator valves.

Fujita valves are designed to automate the processes in the tires and rubber manufacturing and are developed for different kind of fluids such as: Steam,Oil, Cold and Hot Water and Nonflammable Gases.
Main product range includes:

3 Way Piston Valve
4 Way Piston Valve
Steam Flow and Pressure Regulators
Knuckle Joints

Control Valve

FUJITA also manufactures custom design piston valves depending on your factory requirements for curring pres varying between 42 inch -120 inch or above.

And as SEKUL Sınai Makina Ltd.(exclusive agent for specific territory), our cooperation with Fujita-Giken started in 2009 and have been successfully continiuing since then.

SEKUL was founded in 1984 as a national trading company from which SEKUL Sınai Makina Ltd. emerged in 1994 as an international trader for OEM and spare parts of machine builders in the following sectors: cement, curring, petrochemical, automotive industry and their subcontractors, shipping, metal production and ore mining.

Our references are; Pirelli, Bridgestone, Petlas, OzkaLastik and in Turkey.

As SEKUL,  we are ready to supply  all your needs related to Fujita-Giken products.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us to check the prices and services of our Company, whereas you already should have knowledge of the quality of FUJITA products.



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About us..

Our company has been operating as the sole authorized dealer of Japanese origin FUJITA 3 WAY PISTON VALVES in our region for many years, and additionally recently has become the sole representative of  KOBELCO/Japan patented Curring Press manufacturer YIYANG YISHEN RUBBER MACHINERY C0.,LTD and KOBELCO/Japan patented Mixer manufacturer YISHEN RUBBER MACHINERY C0.,LTD for  Turkey.
In this context, we would like to inform you that we are open to any kind of cooperation about your needs regarding these products and as Sekul Company we will be happy to be at your service.


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